"Fame doesn’t mean much to me, but I do love being in a position where I can help my family. That’s been a real blessing - it’s a wonderful feeling to know that after everything my parents sacrificed to get me to this place, I can now give them some peace of mind and take care of whatever they need. My family is the reason why I am where I am and who I am, and my brothers are the most important people to me. One of my brothers has a baby, and to know that I can help him pay for my nephew’s education if he ever needs it is great. My other brother really enjoys travelling, and I love that I can surprise him with a flight to Australia or wherever he wants to go. Being able to do those kinds of things for all of them is the best thing that’s ever happened to me."


CultureSOUL: Beyonce & Lupita

Running the world. You can’t tell black women sh*t this week. #CarryOn

I think the older I get the more I laugh, I think I’ve laughed a lot. I wish I had remembered to laugh like that when I was a teenager, and just forgive yourself and experience life, rather than being so concerned about yourself.

Lupita Nyong’o - People's Most beautiful


New MQ IPAD snaps of #LupitaNyongo in People Magazine May 5th edition. #50MostBeautifulPeople

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One time I got reblogged by Lorde.


1,250,841 plays Pound Cake Ft. Jay-Z Drake Nothing Was The Same


Pound Cake - Drake ft. Jay-Z

notactuallysherlock asked:
What are your thoughts on Laverne Cox not making the time 100, despite her getting like the fifth most votes in the polls?


Laverne Cox is the most visible trans person of color in the world and she has helped millions of people to learn about trans people and the discrimination they face. I think Laverne Cox is one of the most important and influential people in the world and should’ve been included in the TIME 100.



#sorry i have to reblog this again #i just noticed #look at the completely different expressions in the two gifs #in the first one steve’s like ‘hey i got some peanuts they’re nice maybe she wants nice peanuts as well’ #so he hands them to her with the most genuinely sweet expression on his face #because he actually thinks she might enjoy the peanuts #not because he wants her attention #and then in the second one she just turns him down without saying a word and he feels so bad about annoying her #he just doesn’t understand why she’s mad at him #but he feels sorry anyway and then he gets a little sad #and so do i

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